Summer Stories from the STREETS

Summers are a busy time of the year for us at New York City Relief and we have teams from all over America coming to stay at our base and work on the streets with us. Here are a few stories from this summer:

Marcus is homeless in Newark. I met him during a special nighttime outreach on The Relief Bus. Marcus gave his life to Jesus that night for the first time. We gave him a Bible and information on getting him into a discipleship/rehab. He wants to get his life together to be a good dad to his 12-year-old daughter.





That same night in Newark, Will came desperate and hungry. He is homeless and addicted to heroin but ready to turn his life around. He cried as we prayed together and he rededicated his life to Christ. We connected him to a detox program. He is trusting God for a miracle. He was SO thankful for the help.





This man came to The Relief Bus not just for soup or bread but for peace, rest and protection. He laid his weary body down on the ground right in front of the bus and slept. He was in a safe place where people watched over him. I took a moment to ask him if he felt all right and if we could help him in any way. He said he was alright, but allowed me to say a prayer for him.







Carmen and Jose came to The Relief Bus 20 years ago homeless and needing help. Staff and volunteers pitched in money so that the two could afford to pay for their marriage license. After getting married, they continued to come to the bus for prayer and friendship. They live in a shelter. Carmen was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but she was holding onto God and putting her faith in his plan. She asked if Outreach Team Leader Yaz Bellihomji and his wife Edna would baptize her and Jose. Here she is getting baptized at our staff pool party this summer. It was a precious moment I won’t soon forget.

To partner with the Galloway family in our work with the homeless go to and write “Juan & Tracy” in the designation field. Thank you!

Entering The Heart Of The Homeless,

Juan Galloway

(800) 736-2773 x14

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