Relief Bus in the Bronx

I arrived at 7:30am to prepare for a day of outreach on The Relief Bus. Fresh
soup was cooked and fresh bread was picked up from the bakery. We worshipped
and prayed on our ride into the city, for those in bondage to be set free. It
was another amazing day of light shining in the darkness. I’m so glad I get
to do this.

Volunteers pray for Bonnie, who just lost her husband two weeks earlier.
Relief Bus staff have been trying to help Bonnie literally bury her husband
because she had no money to afford a burial. They have also been working
to get her housing.

Johnny is a guy who works full-time, but because he makes $8 an hour he can’t
afford housing and currently lives in a shelter. We prayed for each other and
exchanged cell phone numbers to stay in touch.

Bob Karson is a long-time New York City Relief board member and Managing
Director at U.S. Trust. He came out on The Relief Bus to share some love and hope
with people on the streets.

Austin Bonds, Director of Outreach meets in The Relief Bus office with Luis.
Luis is homeless and is looking for shelter. Regular volunteer, Anna, is
translating Spanish to English.

Prayer is always appreciated on the streets and many are grateful for the
volunteers who come out to extend love and faith for breakthrough.

Aris Pavlides (back row) is Chairman of the Board for New York City Relief.
He came out with his wife Denise to feed the hungry in the Bronx and serve
“the least of these”. Andre (right) is a new volunteer. I prayed with him to
rededicate his life to Christ on the sidewalk this very same day. He is committed
to getting his life headed in the right direction.

Raphiella comes regularly twice a week to The Relief Bus. She described to
me how dangerous her neighborhood is with bullets flying sometimes. She
is probably the nicest and happiest person I have ever met. She gets food
from The Relief Bus to help feed her family of five. Her husband is on
disability due to diabetes. We prayed for his healing.

Miranda (right) is nineteen-years-old. She came out to serve the poor with
a group from the Walter Hoving Home, a Christian rehab and discipleship
program. Having been set free from an addiction to heroin and meth, she is
now reaching out to help bring freedom to others.

Warren and I talked for a long time together. He showed me a photo of his
beautiful six-year-old son he lost due to his alcoholism. His wife is in a
mental hospital. They are working to get their son back and restore their
family. I gave Warren some job information. He is trained in security.

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