Our Biggest Outreach Yet!

In this latest installment of our wild new adventures as YWAM missionaries on assignment in Mexico, we tell of one of our biggest outreaches in the jungles of the Yucatan. We were blown away by what God did and I think you will be too.

Members of our host church, Cielos Abiertos Internacional, all loaded up in a big bus to head back to the village of San Cosme for what would be our biggest outreach yet.

The Cielos Abiertos Church team holds up their finger to represent their motto, “Uno Mas Para Cristo! (One more for Jesus!)”
Tufy the clown knew how to work the crowd. 
Tuffy led the kids in fun games.

One of the worship leaders from our host church has been clowning for Jesus for 30 years! The kids loved him and he did a great job not just making them laugh and teaching them games, but explaining who Jesus was.

Barb is always telling us she is young at heart and I believe her. 

Our oldest teammate, Barb, shared her testimony of how she gave her life to Christ at 6-years-old and the children responded to pray to do the same. Can you imagine traveling to remote Mexican villages in blazing heat at 70-years-old? Our outreach team is full of rock stars like Barb.

Families who attended were so happy and loved the program.
So many children responded to prayer and were hungry for God.

The numbers exploded that night as families walked through the jungle to see what was happening. There was so much joy as the families were treated to a fun and powerful night of ministry. At the end of the night we even gave free toys as a gift to every child.

This little boy said during the prayer time, “I feel the fire of God in my heart!”
This aerial drone shot shows just how far out in the jungle we were.
This little girl was really enjoying her torta (Mexican sandwich.) Every family member received a free meal.
Kids don’t get any cuter than this guy. 🙂

That night we led games, and taught silly songs as usual. Some of our team was home sick, so we weren’t sure if we could perform our gospel drama. Fortunately, some of the young people from Cielos Abiertos church jumped in to learn the missing parts. The drama was a huge success. God showed up and impacted the lives of the 200 people who came. At the end of the program everyone was fed delicious tamales and tortas. It was our biggest event yet and many lives were touched, including ours. It is a privilege to be on just one of the many YWAM teams traveling on outreach around the world to bring the hope of the gospel to every tribe and nation.

Thank again to all of our friends and partners who have been praying for us as we serve the beautiful people of Mexico!

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