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Our most INSANE day in Mexico!

After weeks of great outreaches our missionary team had our most insane number of  incidents yet.

Pastor Gabi and his sweet family

In the beginning of our 17-hour day, our outreach team headed out to the village of Kantunikin. When we arrived there we met Pastor Gabi and his family who started this new church by sacrificially leaving their thriving business in Cancun. They were wonderful leaders who truly loved the people of this village.

Was it hot? YES!

Inviting families to the special event

Although it was blazing hot, our team went out to the community door-to-door to invite people to the special event we were throwing that night. We received many smiles as we invited them. It was so hot, that two of our team almost passed out from heat stroke and we had to ice them down! One of them is our friend Barb who is 70-years-old. Barb said, “I was so weak that I literally could have died that day. I almost collapsed.”

Our friend Barb getting iced down by Tracy
Victor is full of fun and spunk!

As we were about to head over to Sebastian’s house to take a break, a terrible event happened. Our youngest team member, Victor, who is 6-years-old ran into the road and was hit by a car! I happened to be the first one to reach him and pick up his little body. I was hoping he hadn’t been critically injured or had broken any bones. Victor was scraped up, but thankfully he was okay. Before he started crying he was in shock and said, “That was the first time I have ever been hit by a car!” We were all shaken by this incident and giving thanks to God for preserving Victor’s life. Victor is Norwegian and his family have been missionaries in North Africa for 20 years.

Our team crashed Mexican style!

Our team took a break at Sebastian’s house and he proudly gave me a tour of the home while our team collapsed exhausted into hammocks. The home he had lived in for 40 years was like all of the other local homes, made of concrete and featured many hooks for hammocks. Everyone in this region sleeps exclusively in hammocks. Behind the house was a garden with many edible plants, some pigs and chickens bred for meat. His family cooked all of their food over a fire in the backyard.

The skies opened up on us and poured rain so heavy we feared that our special event would be cancelled. As soon as it let up, we headed back out to the church. The heavy rain had kept people away so we headed back out to invite people again and they came!

Everyone loved the program that night!
We used colors to share the story of the gospel and afterwards everyone made salvation bracelets with those colors to remember the presentation.

This little church is making a BIG difference in this community.
The prayer was powerful that night!

The service was filled with joy as families and children sang songs, watched our gospel drama presentation, made crafts and cried as they received prayer. Almost everyone raised their hand to give their lives to Jesus! It was a special night that we will never forget.

Pastor Gamaliel, Pastor Favy, Zulmey and Sarah

We drove four hours back to our base and arrived around midnight. When our host pastors, Gamaliel and Favy, from Quintana Roo arrived at home, some masked men with guns took them by surprise and robbed them. The men put a gun to the pastor’s wife’s head and told her to lay down in the street. She told them that she would not because she feared that the men would enter her home to attack her two daughters inside. She rebuked them in the name of Jesus and they jumped in the pastor’s truck and sped off. Had she laid down where they instructed, she would have been run over. Although their truck, laptop, cell phones were stolen, the police informed them that in these kinds of robberies, the victims are often murdered. There is much violence in this city and it was by the grace of God that their lives were saved.

The next day, the pastors and their daughters came to our base. They wept as we prayed over them and the Holy Spirit began to bring his comfort and healing. That night, the pastors shared their harrowing story with their congregation and the next day we headed out to yet another village to share the gospel. These leaders were undaunted and unstoppable as they were determined to not let the enemy stop them from God’s mission. I am meeting many heroes on this trip and their devotion and perseverance has taught me lessons that I will always remember.

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Mexico Missions Update!

For the last 3 weeks Tracy and I have been ministering all over Quintana Roo, Mexico. It has been busy, intense and powerful!

1,300 Gospel seeds sown
53 Decisions for Christ
5 Healings and miracles
773 Felt needs met

This last week, our YWAM team drove 6 hours to the town of Chetumal, which is right on the border of Belize. Our day started with the baptism of 5 new believers in a beautiful tributary that is home to manatees. Later that day the same new believers and our team personally invited many families to come visit the first service of the new church being planted in their community of dirt roads and wandering wild dogs. 

Baptism Service

New church launch

The next day we got the church ready for the inauguration service–not sure if anyone would come. They did come, and we had over 100 people attend! The church wasn’t much more than a tin roof with some poles to hold it up, but it became the new center of the community and many received Jesus. The floor of the church was just powdery sand, but that day it became holy ground. 

“Beautiful (and dirty) are the feet of those who bring good news.” This is what the actual road looks like in front of the church.The sand and dirt is from the floor of the church.
It wouldn’t be a children’s ministry in Mexico without a piñata!
Silly songs and dancing! This is “Jesus Your My Superhero” by Hillsong in Spanish.
Every child went home with a new ball!

Our team put on a fun program for the children and their parents full of singing with hand motions, powerful skits and crafts. There were so many smiles and of course everyone was treated to delicious tacos! It was a day we’ll never forget. The children and their families enjoyed the face painting, piñata and gifts of brightly colored balls.

Tracy painted many  kid’s faces and they asked us for a selfie.
Juan and new friend

The hardest part for us was the 94 degrees heat and no bathrooms during our outreach! We stayed two nights in the community with the pastor and families who were a part of the church plant. Sleeping accommodations were sparse and some of our team had to sleep in hammocks and on hard tile floors with not enough pillows or blankets for everyone. We were so touched by the gracious hospitality and generosity that the local pastors and families showed to us. They were beyond warm and kind to us, providing food and shelter none-the-less. Thank you!

Preaching at Cielos Abiertos Church.
Tracy praying for healing for a woman at the altar.

Last night I gave a message at our host church, Cielos Abiertos (Open Heavens). People gave their lives to the Lord and received breakthroughs in areas of spiritual bondage through prayer at the altar. When our team prays for people they really go for it!

Mexico is Level 4 in terms of COVID-19 so please pray for our protection as we continue to travel and minister in this region. Thanks to everyone standing with us as we follow God’s call into this new season as full-time international missionaries!

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Jesucristo vive en Mexico! (Jesus lives in Mexico!)

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