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Meeting Jesus in HAITI

Juan, Zelia and her daughter
I met Jesus in a tent city outside Port Au Prince, Haiti- in the face of a young mother named Zelia and her baby. Our mission team installed a new tarp for her roof. (see video of her home at bottom) She cried as we prayed over her family.

River, Donal and Juan
I met Jesus in an orphanage where the children were thin and sickly. In the disfigured face of Donal, a 10 year old victim of the earthquake. He loved playing he Hokey Pokey with us. Both of these faces had smiles on them in the midst of crippling poverty.

As I was drenched by the edges of Hurricane Sandy and found myself coated in ants and mud during a work project, I had a smile on my face too. Several days later I melted in 90 degree heat as we put up a fence, a 3-story sign and painted a building all in one day. Even then I smiled.

Completing new “home” for two families

The Relief Bus team I went with was hard working and hilarious. Even when our flight was delayed for three days, they hung in there and created a whole new tent out of branches and tarps to house two families. They made children in tent city laugh as they performed skits and songs they wrote in Creole.

The streets of Port Au Prince are packed with makeshift taxis called tap taps, UN vehicles, and motorcycles many times carrying three people. Everywhere people are selling fruit, art, tools, phone calls, you name it. Each person we greeted with a “Bon jour”, smiled big as they called back to us.

Examining young orphan girl in pain due to toothache

One of the young girls in an orphanage was in bed for the past two weeks due to a terrible toothache. The team all pitched in out of their meager funds to have the tooth fixed. On The Relief Bus we always say that the most important person is the one right in front of us. Haiti was no different.

Sweet Haitian orphan girl, River and I

Did we make a difference in Haiti? Maybe a little, but I do know that Haiti definitely made a difference in us. Jesus is alive and well in Haiti. He hears the cry of the oppressed and extends his right hand to love and heal them. Even in a shack in tent city, I heard the sounds of Jesus being praised. In a tiny school in tent city, I saw many little hands raised to choose Jesus. He hasn’t forgotten them.

Thanks to everyone who gave so that we could serve the poor, the homeless and the orphans of Haiti. We are forever changed and because of you, we let our lights shine in a place desperate for hope and the love of Jesus.

Here is a hilarious video of a motorcycle ride I took with Assistant Outreach Director, Lance Farrell. Don’t try this at home kids:

This video is of Zelia’s family’s house:

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Operation Hurricane Relief

Relief Bus Team Heading to Staten Island

Serving at a FEMA site in Coney Island

Debris in Staten Island

Hurricane Sandy Relief Update

For seven days The Relief Bus staff was on a mission trip to Haiti helping orphans and earthquake victims still living in tent cities. Because of Hurricane Sandy, airports were shut down in New York and New Jersey and our stay was extended three more days.

Upon returning to the Northeast, our team was thrown into disaster relief in our own region. We scrambled to get gas for our outreach vehicles and emergency supplies. Each day we are going to the hardest hit areas in New York to bring hot food, beverages and much needed items. The weather is turning very cold and we are distributing blankets, hats, gloves, hand warmers, socks, etc.

Our own staff has lost power and heat in their homes and is staying in The Relief Base. We can use your help to help hurricane victims during this great time of need.

Here is how you can get involved:

1. Help us buy supplies online:

SOCK WHOLESALERS: They dropped their $100 minimum order (for phone orders only) to $25. (Still $100 min. online). They will also consolidate orders and ship at a lower rate, the money saved on shipping will be given to us in more socks! They will adjust costs after the fact and give us the difference in more socks AND cover the shipping! CLICK HERE.

START RITE: Purchase pre-packaged hygiene kits. Minimum order of 144 (sold by the case). CLICK HERE.

2. Help us buy “Relief Kits”:

SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE for “Relief Kits” #1 for Men and #2 for Women. They have dropped their minimum order of 100 kits to 50 kits. They will also consolidate orders and send us the shipping savings in kits! You must call or email them to order. CLICK HERE.

3. Donate to The Relief Bus:

Use our online donation page at and designate “Hurricane Sandy.” CLICK HERE.

4. Have your church take up a special offering to support Relief efforts!


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