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Welcome To My Brain!

I am so glad you came to visit my new blog!

For years I have been writing articles, songs and a few books. This will be a place that I will be sharing my latest and greatest writings for free. I hope you enjoy it and I invite you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Do it now!

This is a great forum for you to respond yourself and write down your thoughts and feelings as well on whatever subject matter I happen to be tackling. I value your input and feedback, even if we agree to disagree.

On the sidebar you will see lots of other ways to connect with me, my family, and The Relief Bus outreach. Check out some of my music and download it for free. Enjoy the videos of me speaking at various churches and events, but be careful, I can get kind of long-winded!

It’s all good fun and I’m glad to have you along for the ride.


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